Child Contact and Residence (Scotland)

A useful guide in PDF format written by the Scottish Women’s Rights Centre.


Specifically tailored for those in family court after abuse or those who are working with families in court, these ethically positioned, survivor-led and evidence-based courses utilise leading socio-legal concepts coupled with extensive grassroots knowledge. Accessible and easy to learn, whether you’re trying to navigate the process, or helping others to, you will develop a deeper understanding of the systems, issues and barriers for survivor families and learn how to navigate this difficult system.


Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse

AAFDA is a Centre of Excellence for Reviews after fatal domestic abuse & provides Specialist & Expert Advocacy and Peer Support.

Surviving Economic Abuse

Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA) is the only UK charity dedicated to raising awareness of and transforming responses to economic abuse.

Hague Mothers

Hague Mothers is a FiLiA legacy project. Our overarching aim is to end the injustices created by The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, specifically for mothers and children who are fleeing abusive relationships.

X (Twitter) accounts

Dr Emma Katz


Globally respected expert in coercive control, domestic violence and domestic abuse.

David Challen


Domestic abuse campaigner and advisor to the Domestic Abuse Commissioner of England & Wales. 

Hold Up Your Hands


A collective working together to raise awareness of the Family Court and the danger that it poses to Domestic Abuse victims and their children.

The Domestic Abuse Solicitor


Family Law Solicitor representing the vulnerable in the continuous fight of trying to right the wrongs within Family Courts.

Family Court Crisis


A collective of parents campaigning to stop systemic miscarriages of justice in family law cases worldwide.

Jane Mahon


Domestic Abuse Consultant, Trainer, and Counsellor, specialising in coercive and controlling behaviour.



Writer. Erased Childless Mother. Advocate. Law activist for DV victims of unregulated experts.



Fighting for justice for DA victims in family court.

Resolute womens support


Lived experience, standing together with victims of domestic abuse to end violence against women and girls. Registered charity.


A Dark World

A Dark World is a podcast based on the murky world of Family Law, including Family Court, The Court of Protection and Appeal Court. It also looks at the horrific details behind domestic abuse.

Memoirs of a McKenzie Friend – Blowing the lid off the Family Court

A podcast series exposing the brutal treatment of litigants in persons at the hands of the family court and its associated organisations.


Coercive Control in Children’s and Mothers’ Lives (Katz, 2022)

Helping professionals and victims-survivors to enhance their levels of understanding of the harms caused by perpetrators of coercive control, and to learn about effective ways of tackling this form of abuse.